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Rules & Scoring


The game is played between two teams that shoot (chip) the ball towards the opponent’s goal (Hexagoal) and win the match by being the first to score 21 points. Chipping the ball directly into the Hexagoal is the fastest route to victory!


There are many ways to score points—the better your skill, the higher the reward! You must place the ball even with or behind the Hexagoal prior to chipping the ball towards your opponent. Just like in a real soccer game, you can use any body part except your arms or hands to help your teammate score points and you can ONLY use one touch!

  • The opposing team cannot interfere with the flight of the ball or their opponent at any time while they attempt to score points.
  • The CHIPIT ball cannot bounce in; points can only be scored with the ball coming directly out of the air.


Direct Sink into Hexagoal

One player chips the ball into the opposite Hexagoal with no assistance of any kind from his/her teammate and it lands in the net without touching the ground.

Sink Assist into Hexagoal

If your teammate judges the flight of the ball and determines it will not go into the Hexagoal directly, by using any body part besides the hands/arm, using ONLY one touch and it lands in the net without bouncing.

Wrap or Post Assist | Direct Hit Top Posts

Same rules as Sink Assist, only the ball hits the outer wrap of the Hexagoal or posts in the air without landing in the net.

One player chips the ball directly off the top posts of the Hexagoal without his/her teammate touching the ball and without bouncing the shot on the ground. Please Note: Your teammate can score additional points off of a Direct Hit Top Post. Example: One Player chips directly off of the top post and your teammate Sink Assists into the Hexagoal (your team receives 5 points).

Point - Direct Hit Sides

Same rules as Direct Hit Top Posts only it hits the wrap or bottom posts without his/her teammate touching the ball and without bouncing the shot on the ground.


2 vs. 2 
Once a team reaches or surpasses 21 points to win, the opposing team must be within eight points to seek redemption.

Redemption: Redemption means that you must get a direct sink plus any additional points you need to reach 21 points – and you only get one turn to do so. For example, if Team A reaches 21 points with a direct sink and Team B has 16 points; Team B must score a direct sink and at least one point (see How Scoring Works, above).

Overtime: The team that was first to score 21 (or more) points gets to shoot first. The first team with a direct sink or sink assist wins. The opposing teammates each get a direct sink redemption opportunity to try to force double overtime. If successful, repeat the overtime rules.

4 vs. 4 
The 4 vs. 4 game format is similar to 2 vs. 2, but with some alterations. Player 1 on Team A will CHIPIT to the two teammates on Team A at opposite Hexagoals. They have a maximum of three touches to keep it in the air and score. No teammate can touch the ball twice in a row and it can never hit the ground to score points.

Scoring, Redemption and Overtime: Same rules as 2 vs. 2.

Under 4 Players / Odd Number Of Players / 1 vs. 1 
Each player in this format gets five chips in a row before it is the next player’s turn. The winner is the first player to 21 or whoever scores three direct CHIPIT shots.

Redemption: Each player gets remaining five chips but must score remaining direct sinks to force overtime. For example, if you had one sink before your opponent wins, you would need to sink two of your last five shots.

Overtime: You must sink to win in OT. If everyone Direct Sinks, then do it again until there is only one winner.

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