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Our Story

CHIPIT was conceived by Joe Ferrante and DJ Spelman—two young-at-heart, life-long friends and soccer fanatics whose love of the game extended beyond their college playing careers. Natives of Long Island, New York, Spelman and Ferrante bonded over soccer as kids, with each going on to play on their college teams at Rutgers University and Bryant College, respectively. Ferrante, now an attorney, and Spelman, a banker, hatched the idea for CHIPIT on a train ride they were taking with Spelman’s children to a pro soccer match. Still wanting to engage with the sport in a way that would be less physically taxing while instilling their love of the game in the next generation, they created CHIPIT to go beyond backyard fun. In addition to designing the first soccer leisure game that can be enjoyed by players of all skill levels and ages, they fine-tuned all components of the game—from the physical structures of the goals and playing ball, to the rules and scoring—to engineer CHIPIT as the premier soccer leisure game that doubles as a unique skill-training system. CHIPIT gets the younger generation off their screens and outside for unlimited hours of fun. It brings friends and families together to experience the enjoyment and competition of the world’s most popular sport—wherever you want to take it!

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